MBGP Lodges

COVID-19 / All meetings cancelled until August 30th

Metropolitan Lodges meet at Freemasons Hall, 17 Molesworth St., Eircode D02 HK50, with the exception of Dalkey Lodge 261 who meet in Dalkey, Eircode A96 PT02.
Most meetings start at either 7:00pm or 7:30pm – check first.
Meetings are held every month except for June, July and August

Lodge Name:Meeting Date:
Lodge Two1st Monday
Victoria Lodge 44th Tuesday
Temple Lodge 6Last Thursday
Emerald Isle Lodge 191st Tuesday
Duke of York Lodge 253rd Tuesday
University Lodge 333rd Wednesday
Fidelity Lodge 1254th Wednesday
Israel Lodge 1263rd Monday
Leinster Lodge 1412nd Wednesday
Acacia Lodge 2254th Monday
Unity Lodge 2383rd Friday
Corinthian Commercial 2452nd Tuesday
Clontarf Lodge 2493rd Thursday
Dalkey Lodge 261 4th Monday
Fitzgibbon Lodge 3314th Wednesday
Ruby Lodge 3393rd Thursday
Trinity College Lodge 3574th Friday
Curragh Emerald Lodge 3972nd Tuesday
Orpheus Lodge 4262nd Monday
Victory Lodge 4781st Friday
St. Cecelia Lodge 4941st Wednesday
Dublin Lodge 5004th Thursday
Kingstown Lodge 5102nd Wednesday
Caxton Lodge 5113rd Friday
Molesworth Lodge 6114th Friday
The First Volunteer Lodge 6201st Wednesday
Military Lodge 7281st Friday
Garrison Lodge 7303rd Wednesday
France d’Ireland Lodge 882various
Skillet & Trowel Lodge 9813rd Monday
Square and Compass Lodge 9982nd Friday
Oracle Lodge 10032nd Monday
Lux-Dei Lodge4th Friday